Lisbon, Portugal

I fell in love with Portugal. I’ve seen a lot of Europe and have loved all the places I’ve gone, however, I haven’t connected with a city like I did with Lisbon. It just spoke to my heart. I couldn’t get enough of the cobblestone streets, the tiles, colors and patterns all over the city. I did a day trip to Sintra which was absolutely beautiful and to Costa de Caparica for a beach day. I can’t wait to go back and explore the rest of what the country has to offer! I could seriously live in Portugal. I traveled solo for the week I was in Lisbon, but I met some truly amazing individuals. Sightseeing and exploring during the day and partying and dancing with new friends at night. It was so much more than I could have ever expected when I was first dreaming of visiting Portugal. I walked 6-10 miles everyday, up and down steep hills and on uneven sidewalks and cobblestone streets. My legs for sure got a good workout daily and through it all, my hips, back and even neck did amazingly well! All my PT and preparation for this trip truly paid off. I brought my bands and PT exercise sheets so I could continue my program while on the road. On travel days, I made sure to get out and do something active before my plane ride. I think that really helped my body stay strong and less stiff. I also rested when I felt I needed it. I usually took an afternoon nap too, which helped to break up my day a bit and make it so I could go back out at night to be social and see the city in new light.

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