Today, I travel to Morocco and as I wait to board my flight, I am reflecting on the past eight months (or rather 16). When I was bedridden after my first hip surgery, I would dream about adventures and traveling. I made two main goals to celebrate once I was done with all my recoveries. …

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Lisbon, Portugal

I fell in love with Portugal. I've seen a lot of Europe and have loved all the places I've gone, however, I haven't connected with a city like I did with Lisbon. It just spoke to my heart. I couldn't get enough of the cobblestone streets, the tiles, colors and patterns all over the city. …

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Gaining Strength with PT

  I’ve been walking a lot more in preparation for some bigger trips coming up. I do several miles on the beach in hard or soft sand and add in some sets of stairs on days that I feel I could use more. My PT has added and increased the difficulty of my physical therapy […]