Free Introductory Session:
~Description: This is a quick phone chat for me to get to know you and your needs. We can get your first sessions or a packages scheduled as well.

1-on-1 Coaching:
~Description: This one hour session will be client led. Let’s see what’s on your heart and what needs to be heard and navigated through.
~Duration: 60 mins

Attending Doctor’s Appointments:
~Description: As a registered nurse and having experience being a patient myself, I can help you understand the medical terminology, know what questions to ask your doctor and how to better use the short amount of time the doctor’s offices allow for appointments. I will attend your appointment with you and support you through receiving diagnoses, surgery prep or follow up appointments. We will sit together after the appointment to process what was heard. I will help you interpret the medical language and culture and answer any questions that may arise after the doctor has left.
~Duration: Varies

Surgery Preparation:
~Description: This may be getting physically prepared or mentally prepared for an upcoming surgery or procedure. We will tailor it to your needs. We can have a phone conversation, meet in person or I can do a house visit to help support you in the ways you need most.
~Duration: 60 mins

Post Surgery Session:
~DescriptionThis session will be to follow up with your needs after your surgery or procedure. I will come to the hospital or to your home and assess your recovery process. I will make sure you have all the resources you need for the most successful healing. I will check in on how you are feeling mentally and emotionally and assess ways in which to keep your mood positive and energy high. This time will also give your caretaker a break while I am spending time with you.
~Duration: 60 mins

Medical Bundle:
~Description: This package includes 1- coaching session, 1- doctor’s appointment visit, 1- surgery preparation session and 1- follow up/post surgery session. I will follow you along your journey and support you physically, mentally and emotionally.
~Duration: 210 mins

Custom Sessions and Packages:
~Description: I can custom schedule different package options and sessions according to your specific needs and wishes. This is a good option for clients who aren’t in my geographical location. We can discuss this during your first introductory session.

~Contact me for pricing of services