June 8th 5K Walk and Day of Movement

June is hip dysplasia awareness month, so Mile4Hips is doing a worldwide event on June 8th. It is a 5K walk or a day of movement. There are groups all over the United States and multiple in different countries that are participating. It is to gain support and awareness for hip dysplasia.

Miles4Hips is a patient-driven, collaborative initiative between individuals affected by hip dysplasia and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). I am the San Diego ambassador for Miles4Hips and am hosting the San Diego June 8th event. For all the details please go to our registration site by clicking here.

This is our t-shirt design:


There will be Acai bowls and coffee served at the finish. Each participant that registers will receive a swag bag of lots of fun goodies! All the proceeds raised will go to IHDI.

Now for those of you who have read this and immediately wrote yourself off due to restrictions, pain or whatever you’re currently battling, I am writing this to you… PLEASE COME and participate! We’ll have buddies that are prepared to help hold crutches, push wheelchairs or whatever it is you need. After a hip dysplasia diagnosis, there is so much we hippies have to miss out on in life and this event is NOT one of those things. This is to celebrate you, therefore I want nothing more then to have as many fellow hippies participate.

If you have any questions, email me or message me on facebook or instagram. I’m so excited for this event and to see other hippies and donate money to the IHDI!

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