Today, I travel to Morocco and as I wait to board my flight, I am reflecting on the past eight months (or rather 16). When I was bedridden after my first hip surgery, I would dream about adventures and traveling. I made two main goals to celebrate once I was done with all my recoveries.

  1. Go to Morocco and Portugal.
  2. Have a big dance party!

Well I’m checking off #1 and still building some strength to check off #2 later this summer. I’m so grateful to be able to travel now. It’s much more fun than just dreaming about it. Two days ago was my eight month post op date from my left hip surgery and on the 22nd, it will be three months since my final surgery. I feel great and finally able bodied. There were many months where I’d check the health app and it showed 0-50ft “walked” in a day. Now I’m able to trek for miles around an old city with tons of steep hills and jagged sidewalks. I’m so happy with where I am at and can officially say I’m on the other side of recovery! Thank you Lisbon, you have reawakened my soul. Now off to my next adventure…MOROCCO!

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