Happy Thanksgiving!

IMG_3413Grateful. Just a little word filled with big meaning. This year I am grateful for my health. Thanksgiving two years ago, I was in a neck brace. Last year, I was on crutches. This year, my body is fully functioning on its own! I’m also so grateful for the people who’ve stuck by my side all these years of doc appts, diagnoses, surgeries and recoveries. So grateful!!

I’m grateful for so much, but here’s a short list of some other things:
~Lucy – my fur baby love
~home cooked meals
~coffee always!
~beach walks
~travel adventures
~my cottage that provides a roof over my head and a safe place to live
~the so cal sun
~Christmas movies on the hallmark channel
~game nights
~pain free days
~the healing my body continues to do

This year I have tried to significantly reduce my waste. I have learned a ton and one thing I decided to try was to repurpose my pumpkins from my table decoration. I didn’t know if you could use any pumpkin for pumpkin purees and it turns out that you can! I roasted them all in the oven and then threw them into the food processor. And voila! Pumpkin puree! Like 20 cups of it too. I’m making three pies this year, 2 Friendsgivings and my family’s get together. Needless to say, I’ll still be eating pumpkin puree well into 2019. But I’m pretty proud of the fact I didn’t waste those pumpkins.

Another time saving trick I did, make spiced cookie dough. I have a cookie exchange in a couple weeks plus I wanted to decorate the edge of my pie crusts. So I cut out the cookies that I need for my pies and the rest of the dough is in the freezer until I’m ready to bake it for my event. Ahead of time prep, makes this time of year a little less stressful.

Pumpkin Pie!

I had a Friendsgiving last night and Lucy and I spent the night. So this morning we woke up to wonderful friends and had a Thanksgiving breakfast. Then I headed to the beach for a walk and to reflect on what I’m grateful for and what/who are my blessings. Even if you’re in a hard season of life, there’s always something to be grateful for. It could be so small, but every blessing is such a gift! Then I headed to OC for a Thanksgiving day dinner with some of the family. This little turkey is tired and headed to bed now, but my belly and heart are full! I hope you felt loved today and got to laugh at least a little. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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