Graduating Physical Therapy

Well this is a little overdue, but better late than never! I graduated PT on October 19th. Now the real ironic back story here is that I actually had my last appointment scheduled for October 16th. That happened to be my one year hipaversary from my LPAO. That appointment was scheduled a couple months in …

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Today, I travel to Morocco and as I wait to board my flight, I am reflecting on the past eight months (or rather 16). When I was bedridden after my first hip surgery, I would dream about adventures and traveling. I made two main goals to celebrate once I was done with all my recoveries. …

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Lisbon, Portugal

I fell in love with Portugal. I've seen a lot of Europe and have loved all the places I've gone, however, I haven't connected with a city like I did with Lisbon. It just spoke to my heart. I couldn't get enough of the cobblestone streets, the tiles, colors and patterns all over the city. …

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Maui, Hawaii

I went to Maui for a week to visit my cousin who moved there with his girlfriend. It was the longest flight I've taken since having both hips operated on. They did remarkably well. Just a bit of stiffness, but I made sure to get up periodically and stretch and walk around the plane. The …

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Gaining Strength with PT

  I’ve been walking a lot more in preparation for some bigger trips coming up. I do several miles on the beach in hard or soft sand and add in some sets of stairs on days that I feel I could use more. My PT has added and increased the difficulty of my physical therapy […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Lucy and I went for a small hike and then surfing. We enjoyed the rest of the day at my uncle's with grandma and some other family. Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

Another Hike in the Books

I have booked a lot of travels for the summer. Each one progressing in flight length and travel length. I'm working on improving my strength in PT and increasing my stamina with doing more activities and having less rest time in my weeks. I hiked Torrey Pines in La Jolla with a friend who was …

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