Big Week of Milestones

On my last PT session of the week, my PT said I could wean down to only one day for my hip and one day for my shoulder. We joked that we are slowly starting the break up process! I’m completely fine with this type of break up and actually quite stoked. Sorry Jeff! So next week, I drop one of the hip appointments and will do all my activities at home an extra day or two. My PT said that I could come into the office as much as I need to use the equipment, which is really nice. He still doesn’t want me at a gym and said I could use the office like my gym for now.

Another big milestone was going for a suuuuuper long beach walk on Friday. It was at low tide so at the end of the beach area, where I would usually stop, I decided to keep going. It was a beautiful day so I crossed over and walked into the next town too. I started getting a little nervous about being so far from the car, but I didn’t feel many symptoms yet that would normally make me turn around or even call an Uber. The main symptom I listen to are the shooting pains down my leg. If I feel that starting, I know I don’t have too long of a distance to go before I can’t quite walk with a normal stride. To my surprise I made it all the way back to my car. It was a four mile beach walk in total!

I was only slightly sore from the long beach walk. Later that same day, I did my first real road trip. I was in the car for six and a half hours and stopped twice to stretch. I did way better than I expected and stopped a lot less than I had planned. Last week I was in the car for four hours and when I got out, I was so tight it was hard to walk. My pace was slow and my stride was shortened. It took my hip a couple of hours to adjust, which was what made me nervous for this longer car ride. But yet again, my body surprised me and it handled it like a champ!

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