Laughter as Medicine

Laughter really is the best medicine. I haven't laughed this hard or this much in years! This trip really has brought me back to me. Or better yet, opened me up and made me feel alive again. My senses have been on overload for weeks now. The things I've heard, tasted, smelled, seen and touched …

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Cottage Reveal and Medication Disposal

I have finally gotten my cottage all dialed in and decorated. I am absolutely loving it! I call it my little sanctuary or my beachy oasis. I am protective over this space and want to keep it as my safe haven. I have cleaned it all well and then walked around while burning sage and …

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Big Week of Milestones

On my last PT session of the week, my PT said I could wean down to only one day for my hip and one day for my shoulder. We joked that we are slowly starting the break up process! I'm completely fine with this type of break up and actually quite stoked. Sorry Jeff! So …

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Incision at Six Weeks Post Op

I have attached some updated incision pictures below. These are pictures of my incisions at six weeks post-op as the steri strips were finally starting to fall off.  

When It Rains It Pours (5 Weeks Post Op)

So what I haven't told you from this past weekend, is that one of the steri strips on my bottom right incision fell off and what I found underneath was not good. When my surgeon took off the bandage, he applied steri strips and told me that once those fell off to apply one more …

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