Weekend Lessons

Lesson 1: I can road trip with minimal discomfort and I don’t need to stop and stretch as much as I expected.

Lesson 2: I can carefully walk in the snow and when I slip, I’m strong enough to catch myself so I don’t fall and it doesn’t hurt more than a couple minutes.

My beautiful baby girl

Lesson 3: I can successfully drive a stick shift car. I am strong enough to lift my leg to the clutch and even drove in traffic and while it rained. I’ve been wondering when I could do it again and now I know!

Lesson 4: I CAN NOT bowl! I went bowling last night and I was concerned about my neck and shoulder, but was unpleasantly surprised how much it hurt my hip. I chose the lightest ball and took great care in how I rolled the ball down the lane. I felt my hip immediately on my first turn and by the second turn, it was really pulling. I made it through two full games, but I kind of had to drop the ball down the lane and I was limping out of the bowling alley. I had shooting pains down my entire leg and the pain wrapped around the side of the hip and into my lower back and sacral area. I just didn’t even think about it being bad for my hip. I was so concerned about my neck, but my neck and arm didn’t hurt at all and still doesn’t today. However, my hip, leg and back are still in a lot of pain and with shooting pains down into my ankle. I am still limping and really struggling with walking and going up and down stairs. I see my PT tomorrow and am hoping my fav PTA can do some soft tissue work on my whole leg and hip/glute area. Until then, I’m icing and heating and taking it easy. I’m pretty bummed about this lesson and I think it’s because I just didn’t even expect it. I’m trying to understand why it hurt so bad and I don’t quite get it, so will ask my PT tomorrow. I am a big why person, so I want to understand the mechanics in the hip and what was being pulled or strained or whatever was happening in my hip. I haven’t bowled for a couple years, so I guess it’ll be another couple until I try again! It kind of scarred me because it hurt so bad, so it’s just not worth trying again for a long time.

It’s still a successful weekend of firsts in my book…3 out of 4 is pretty darn good! I will continue to celebrate the positive milestones for my hips and work on the things that still need attention: time and strength.


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