One Year Hipaversary!

I’m one year post-op from my RPAO and arthroscopy! And what a year it’s been! It’s such a big milestone and I’ve looked forward to being at this stage for some time now. I can confidently say my hip is feeling awesome! It is still weak, but I’m PT’ing it right along side with the left hip. I feel a huge difference from my pre-op hip and pain to my post-op hip and being pain free on that side. It truly makes all of the pain, obstacles and effort completely worth it. A normal hip feels amazing. I can’t believe what I was living with for so long and that I didn’t know what it was suppose to feel like. I also feel a huge difference with having the screws out. They really bothered me and caused a lot of discomfort. The nerve issues on the right side are almost completely gone too. Cheersing to one year and to all my fellow hippies!

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