Cheering Squad

I’ve had a quiet week of processing the news I got about my neck. I’m doing better and have decided to block it out until I see my surgeon again in a few weeks. I figure there’s nothing to be done now and I can’t make any decisions until I get more answers. Until then, I will pretend everything is ok and just celebrate the progress my hips are making and how well those recoveries are going!

My uncle came down and took me to my favorite restaurant for restaurant week. That’s always a good way to cheer me up and definitely helped turn my mood around. Plus it’s always nice sharing a meal and talking with my uncle.

Dessert at Market

My grandparents also came to hang for a half day. Bless them, they drove two hours to come see me and Lucy! I made us breakfast and we played a card game. We used to play games so much but between my health stuff and my grandma’s health stuff, I haven’t been able to see them much lately. This was a nice treat!

That’s not my walker…yay!
Playing the card game, Wizard and everyone was all smiles!
Lucy loves them so much and curled up at both their feet during the game.

The weekend weather was hot, sunny and beautiful out so I went to the beach. Days like these, I can’t help but think positively, be thankful for my situation and be grateful for the supporters around me.

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