First Bike Ride

Yesterday, I took my first bike ride since my LPAO. I rode about seven miles up to the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Leucadia. It didn’t hurt at all, except my sit bones hurt today, maybe I need a better and more comfortable seat. I rode my beach cruiser which has no gears and surprisingly, I did really well! I walked up the steeper hills, but I did do a few hills and other then feeling weak, my body did fine. I still need to do some work with my hip flexors because I could feel them pulling a bit and had some occasional pain. Today, I’m not sore (other then my sit bones) and I have no pain! Yay! I realized it was the first time I’ve ever rode a bike without dysplastic hips. Biking was a main activity pre-op that would always hurt. I’d usually have to get off the bike and pop my hips to gain better range of motion. I didn’t feel stuck from my impingement anymore, I had no popping or clicking in either hips and both hips fluidly moved with full range of motion and all without pain. It’s amazing to experience what normal hips are suppose to feel like. Doing basic activities again and being pain free is really freeing!

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