In a nutshell, life has changed for me. I settled my work comp case and can now write more about what I’m going through with my cervical spine and surrounding areas. I had to resign my job to settle the case. My relationship ended. I moved out of the apartment I was living the past two years and into a cottage that I love and adore. My grandma passed away. And all of this is probably only part of what I’ve been going through the last 4-6 weeks.

I’m so thankful to my parents. I went home to Seattle for about a week and figured a lot of stuff out there with the help and support of them and some close friends. My mom flew back to SD with me so she could help packed me up and move me and also go to some pretty big doctor’s appointments I had (more on that later). Looking back on it all, it’s quite comical and could be a good tv sitcom. I mean how do you move when you can only carry about 20 pounds, but at the same you’re not allowed to bend, stoop or lift anything for a prolonged period of time. That’s a joke! But the universe was on my side and I found a wonderful lady who helped my mom pack everything, while I was on the sidelines organizing it all. I also hired movers to do the heavy lifting and transporting of my things. Once I got the keys, my mom stayed on an air mattress and I stayed elsewhere until I bought a bed and it was delivered. Just to give a bit of a timeline, the bed was delivered Sunday, my grandma died on Monday and my mom flew home to be with my dad, I completed my last PT session for my hips and graduated (not as exciting as I had pictured it to be), my mom flew back down on Wednesday, my final hip surgery was on Thursday and my new couch was delivered on Friday. I mean, can we just say SHIT SHOW! This year is not what I was hoping it’d be, but I just pray that everything I am going through is preparing me for what I asked for…..something much better than all of this! Hey when rock bottom hits, you can only go up from there, right?!?! Staying positive is the only thing that got me through any of it. Obviously, I’ll be dealing with the healing of the hips for some time to come and the grieving process of my grandma is going to take time, but I will heal from it all….eventually.


The people that have really showed up for me during this intense period of time are truly amazing. I have had some friends support me in ways I never expected and my parents went above and beyond with their love and support. For now I am trusting this journey and the process. I am saying my affirmations about being exactly where I am suppose to be. I am reaffirming that I am strong, loved, a warrior and beautiful. I am allowing myself to be uplifted from my loved ones. I don’t necessarily believe it, but I know that if I stay open and just keep repeating it, that eventually I will feel it and accept it.


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