4 Months Post Op

I am four months post op as of February 16th! This week I’m still a bit out of commission after bowling, but slowly gaining energy and strength back. I did my normal PT routine on Tuesday and biked for 30 minutes. I biked at a level 7 the whole time which was a first and felt strong doing so! I kept the RPM up at the normal range as if I was biking at a lower speed.

My back pain has kicked up in the past few days, making it hard to bend over or move quickly in any way. My PT tried to work on it briefly on Tuesday, but didn’t improve any symptoms. He’ll try again tomorrow and then Friday I have massage therapy and will ask her to work on it a bit too.

I have noticed some more feeling coming back in my left thigh, so I’m hoping that the nerves are waking up and won’t be permanently numb. I think it’s a good sign thus far! I have 29 days to go until I have my screws removed!

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