Gaining Strength

I went “swimming” for the first time on Sunday. I put swimming in quotes because I can’t do any one stroke. I was in a lane next to several swim lessons and I can only imagine what those teachers and students are thinking about my strokes. It makes me laugh actually! I went to the boys and girls club close to my house and loved it! Their pools are outdoors and they offer kick-boards, snorkels, paddles and more, all for free. *Nerd alert* I not only couldn’t truly swim, but I also used a middle snorkel. I was a real looker you guys! But I didn’t care the slightest bit, like literally gave no f*&%’s because I was “swimming” and it felt so good! I “swam” for 45 minutes. I did some upper body exercises I used to do at water therapy by using the paddles. I did freestyle kicks while I floated on top of a kick-board, because I can’t have it stretched out in front of me due to my neck and shoulder injuries. I floated on my back with a kick-board under my head, neck and shoulders and flutter kicked and I did a few laps of breast stroke kicks. I had to be extra careful with those, because the range of motion for breast stroke can tweak and cause pain a bit in my hip. It all felt really good while I was doing it, but once I got home I was so exhausted. I didn’t have any extra pain, but I was so tired I could hardly move and didn’t have any energy to make food or do anything off the couch.

I also realized that my stride is somewhat back to normal now. The pace that I walk is faster now and I’m not needing to shorten my stride anymore, which means my hip flexers aren’t shortened anymore. I also am getting dressed normally now. I can pick up my op leg and put it into the pant leg without needing to sit down or to hold it up. It’s nice to see the progress and feel the differences in my leg.

At PT today, I biked for 30 minutes and made it 7 miles, which is what I’ve been doing. Except the bonus was, I biked at a level 6 the whole time! I usually do a level 5 or toggle down to a 4 and up to a 6 for a brief time, but I haven’t been able to do all 30 minutes at 6 until today. I love feeling and seeing the strength I’m gaining. I’m still working on putting my shoes and socks on normally, walking up stairs and getting into the car the regular way. Progress is progress and I’m so happy with where I’m at!


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