Lucy and Therapies

Lucy has been joining me at physical therapy and today I brought her to massage therapy too. I was a very proud fur mama because she was so well behaved at both. The PT’s love seeing her while I do my exercises. She perks up and stares at me when I’m close to where she is lying, otherwise she just curls herself into a ball and sleeps. She mostly laid on the blanket I brought her at massage therapy, but towards the end of the session, she asked to get up on the table with me. The masseuse said it was totally fine and most clients have their dogs on the table with them (but they are much smaller lol). I told her ok and she jumped right up and laid down in between my legs! The amount of support she has offered me during these recoveries is amazing and I don’t know what I would have done without her companionship. We had to capture it in a pic and you can see it below.

Lucy providing some comfort during massage therapy


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