Physical Therapy Around The World

When I was traveling this summer, I made sure to take my PT exercises and bands with me. I kept up with my exercises to keep my body on track and strong so I could handle the sightseeing, adventures and whatever was thrown my way during a trip. I am so proud of myself for my commitment to my body and health. I took pictures to document and prove to my PT that I had done it. She’s never doubted me, but still. She always says she knows I do my exercises; it’s easy for her to tell. I kind of think it’s like going to the dentist and telling them that you floss when in reality you just did it the night before and it was the first time in six months. They always know and can tell!


San Diego with Lucy’s help:


PT has been increasing in intensity and is now like a full on workout every time I go. Here are some video clips I threw together to show what I’ve been up to lately. The dance party is right around the corner and I can tell my PT has been feeling the pressure to have me ready. I can’t be getting stuck in da club again!


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