More Fishing

I was invited for another full day fishing trip! Yes please! I want to catch a tuna haha. It was another gorgeous day on the water and we were incredibly successful in our catches. There were three people plus our captain. The boat caught 13 yellowtail, 2 lingcod, 3 calico, 2 barracuda and more. I think we threw back around eight fish. I personally caught 7 yellowtail and therefore I ate like a queen for a week. I had two sashimi, hand roll and carpaccio parties, then made ceviche with the rest. I did fried fish tacos with the lingcod and did an asian marinade and made more tacos with the calico bass. It was all delicious! I gave a whole fish each to my physical therapists, my neighbors and some friends who are recovering from a hip surgery. Sharing is caring!

Days at sea are so special: views from the water, lessons of the ocean, learning new fishing and boating skills, sunrise and sunset, sun and wind in my face and of course eating like a queen at the end of it all.

I can’t believe my body can keep up with it all (for the most part). I didn’t have any pain after this fishing trip and even though I was tired, I wasn’t completely wiped out this time. I love seeing progress! I’m learning new lessons in how to listen to what it’s telling me but also appreciate how far I’ve come and try to push through some pain and gain some strength. I still need a lot of rest but just can’t pass up an opportunity to be on the water! I texted my PT about the fish and put #thisismeresting. I am still taking time to rest and let myself recover from the whirlwind summer I’ve had, but I can not and will not hold back from an opportunity to be on the water. I realized that my PTs don’t really know the real Caitlin. They have gotten to know Caitlin as a patient and the person who listens to her body well and does her exercises religiously, but has been a person who has been laid up. So now they get to know and see the adventurous and go-getter side of me. It’s fun to be able to come full circle with the people that have been so invested and involved in my healing.


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