Dad’s Weekend


My dad came to visit for the weekend and our big project was to build a farm table for my outdoor patio area. It turned out beautiful and even better than I imagined!

I have been picturing this outdoor space for months. I brought back a rug from Morocco with the intention of building a farm table to go on top of it. I strung outdoor lights and rearranged some other decorative pieces. It’s come together so well and I am thoroughly enjoying using the space to entertain. Plus it’s even more special since I built it with my Dad. It was a super fun dad-daughter weekend!

My hips did phenomenal with all the bending and lifting. My neck held up until the sanding, conditioning and staining. I got through it, but it’s pretty angry with me. I head to PT a couple times this week and I know we’ll do a lot of soft tissue work on it. Now that the table is done, I’ll be resting my body for a bit and taking a week off to let it all regroup. That’s the name of the game in recovery.

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