Belize Birthday Trip

It was an unBELIZEable trip! We had a really fun crew and the whole time was spent laughing and exploring. We ate soooo much lobster and it was all delicious. I’m also obsessed with fry jacks now. Such a delicious Belizean breakfast option. We did an insanely long bike ride (like 22 miles long) all over the island of San Pedro, but ended up at “secret beach,” which is a not so secret beach, but still really pretty and fun. I just can’t get over how awesome it feels to bike without hip dysplasia. What a world of difference! We had a private chef come to our AirBNB one night to make dinner and dessert. So worth it! We rented a boat and spent a day on the island of Caye Caulker. We snorkeled and swam. Our house had an infinite pool basically on the beach, so we did a lot of hanging out at home, which was a blast. We drank and played so much farkle and multiple card games. All in all, it was a wonderful birthday trip with great friends!

My favorite was being able to use all these ridiculous puns:
~SEAduced by Belize
~Do you want a Belikin? You better Belize it!
~Don’t stop Belizin’
~Do you Belize in love?
~Belize it or not, vaca is over
~Hard to Belize, but it’s true
~Belize me when I say, I wish it wasn’t
~These puns are unBELIZEable

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