I met a friend when I was traveling in Fiji, like six years ago and he happened to be from San Diego as well. We’ve kept in contact and been buddies ever since. He owns a fishing boat and goes fishing all the time. He was tracking my surgeries and recoveries and told me that when I was healed and ready, that he’d take me out for a deep sea fishing trip. Well the day came!

I went out on Tuesday and had a blast. My whole body was completely exhausted at the end of the day. I hooked 100+ pound blue fin and three of us worked for an hour to bring it on the boat. Sadly, it got away because it was on a 25 pound fishing line. I did catch a dorado though and could barely stay awake through dinner to cook it haha. It was totally worth keeping myself up to make the blackened mahi mahi tacos. So delicious!

It was a full body workout on the boat that day. I was a bit nervous on how I’d actually do, but everything was tolerable. My neck had the hardest time, because it tires easily when it really gets put to work holding my head up. The ocean was calm, but the chop and speed of the boat still gave my neck a good workout. I slept like a baby and could barely peel myself out of bed for an appointment at 10am the next day. I actually went to my appointment and then came home and slept more! My body was wiped out, but the good news, I didn’t have any pain the day after.

We went out again on Thursday and I actually have to say, I think that it was really smart to go twice in a week with a rest day in between. It was like a workout for my neck and so by the end of the second day, I actually felt like my neck muscles were stronger and working properly. I could also balance better when the swell was big and use my core muscles and leg muscles to keep steady. I was definitely tired at the end of the day, but not as exhausted as Tuesday. We didn’t have any luck bringing fish on board, just several bites. It was still a wonderful day out on the water. Seeing progress in my body and my strength, is what keeps me pushing myself every week!


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