3 Months Post Op LPAO

Today I saw my surgeon for my three month post op appointment. I walked in with no crutches and no limp! I was excited for this appointment and to learn my most recent x-ray results and possibly be able to set my hardware removal date.

It was a PAO party in the office that day! I saw two of my other PAO “hippie” friends. One had her appointment at basically the same time as me and the other was a bit after me so we had a lunch date in between our appointments. Julia and I took pictures with Dr. Santore’s assistant, Henry, and then Dr. Santore came out of a patient’s room and saw us and just lit up! We took pics with him too and he always gets so excited to do so with his patients. He took one look at me and said, “you look so good!” It was like he was in awe.

Once in my room, Dr. Santore repeated that I looked really good. He actually said I looked really pretty. I chuckled and said thank you and that I try. I mean how do you respond to that?! He said, “I mean you look really good. Just so pretty. I can tell you’re doing better just by looking at your face. It’s amazing what pain can do. You look like you’ve had a lot of relief.” It was a HUGE compliment and really meant a lot to me. I know he cares so much about each of his patients and every time I see him, he amazes me more and more. He’s such a head-to-toe doctor. He cares about everything going on even though he only operated on my hips. The fact that he truly looked at me in the face and eyes and could tell that I was doing better just proves that fact.

My x-rays looked great. He was really impressed with my progress, recovery and bone growth. So much so that he said I could get my screws out a month early! I was speechless and shocked and then so excited! I really did not expect that. I set a date for March 22nd, so the next time I see him will be for my pre-op appointment for the hardware removal. I’m so ready to have all this behind me!

I had a few questions for him about activities, restrictions and recovery. He answered all of them and then said that the things I was talking about was more for people that were six months post op. He kept reminding me that I was only three months post op and to cool it lol! He told me that I should not be carrying anything up the stairs and that it didn’t feel good carrying weight while going upstairs because I’m only three months post op! He told me I was still a fall risk and that I shouldn’t be doing that until closer to six months. Well, okay Doc, touché! He also said that the shooting pains I have been feeling down my entire leg are a good sign. Ok cool! Maybe the nerves are really coming back alive and I won’t have this numbness forever.

I am elated with how the appointment went! I went to lunch to celebrate the milestones and I basically kept telling anyone and everyone that I was three months post op haha! I’m sure I looked crazy, but all day I haven’t been able to stop smiling. I’m just so stinkin’ happy!

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