New Year’s in Mexico

I am enjoying the change of years in Mexico at our friends’ house. It has been quiet and mellow. Totally fine by me!

I enjoyed the beach and as you can see in the pics, it’s a long walk down and up. I went to the beach once for the first two days, but then I couldn’t do it anymore. My normal is to head down about 3-4 times in a day or go run those stairs as a workout, so that’s what I’ll eventually get back to. But I was really proud of myself for doing it twice, it was 2 more times then I thought I could do it. One of the times at the beach, I did a beach walk too! I walked to the end of the beach and back. Yay, I can walk the beach successfully! It was a very low tide, so there was lots of sand that was compact and flat. All of which helped the success of the beach walk! Lucy’s paws are torn up a bit, so I bought her booties to protect them. The videos of her getting use to them being on are so funny. I laughed until I cried! I can’t stop watching the videos either. I loved watching the other dogs on the beach come up to her and play with her. And in true dog fashion, none of them even noticed her booties and nor was she embarrassed to be running around in them. Dogs have no judgement and it’s a great lesson that can be learned from them. Meanwhile, all the humans were staring at her and commenting on her booties or “shoes”. I feel like that’s what happened to me while in the wheelchair or on crutches, so many people just stare. Humans can be so hurtful and mean and other times, they can be so caring, forgiving and supportive. I just wish we didn’t judge others so much and I really wish I didn’t care what other people thought so much. It’s always easier said then done. Ya gotta love life lessons from dogs!

Puerta Del Mar Baja


Chillin leashless on the Mexi beach
Only about half of the stairs pictured here
Another portion of the stairs
The view looking down…I did that walk!

Happy 2018!

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