Reflecting on 2017


With 2017 coming to an end (FINALLY), I have been reflecting a lot on life, the things that are most important and the ways in which I want to spend 2018. I have also been thinking about the growth, pain and challenges of this past year (or two). These quotes, I found, are resonating with me and I wanted to share them. The choices of these past few years, health wise, have not been my choice necessarily and therefore, I’m planning to write a whole new me in this new year. I want a new chapter. A new song. A new dance. A new outlook. I have new hips and I have set new goals and new intentions. I have a new me on the outside and a new me on the inside. It’s all a work in progress of course and it’s a long road ahead still but I’m motivated and willing. Cheers to a new story!IMG_5432

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