Two Months Post Op

It’s hard to believe that last time in recovery I was still bedridden at this point and this weekend I was alone and did everything myself! Pretty cool! It’s exhausting, but it’s all totally doable. I can cook, I can take care of Lucy with the exception of walking her and I can dress, feed and shower myself. I know it seems all silly, but it really is a big deal. There’s a lot in life that is hard to take for granted, but with all these surgeries and recoveries, I try to appreciate all the little things.

Friday night, my fellow hippie friend, Mikaela came over for a cheese and wine night. We had fun talking about recoveries and just bonding over being in a similar situation. It’s so nice having someone to talk to about any and all details related to surgery, this recovery and life in general.

Saturday, I went for my first official walk to celebrate two months post op! My friend Kasey and I walked from her house to the park so her son could run around and play. I used two crutches and thankfully we walked slowly thanks to having a two year old with us! I checked my phone when we were done and I’d walked 0.7 miles. That’s a long ways and I was so excited with that distance. Normally, that’d be nothing, but for my first walk in a neighborhood, I’ll take it!

Kasey, Theo and Baby Girl (still cooking)

Then my friend Carly came up to spend the night with me. We went out to lunch, went holiday shopping and that night our friend Kerry came to join us too. Kerry is getting married this coming May and there was a wedding that night at the same venue that she’s using. So of course, we wedding crashed! (With permission from her wedding planner.) She was able to see everything in use and get some ideas on how to set up her reception. I think it was helpful to her and Carly, Lucy and I enjoyed the perks of crashing…free drinks and even a flower bouquet to go! The hotel was so dog friendly that we kept Lucy with us instead of leaving her in the car. They even had a dog menu, so I couldn’t help but order her the rin tin tin tartare. She loved it!

I made it through the weekend with success! I was very tired (I’m starting to see a theme here with my exhaustion) but it was fun to hang with some girlfriends.

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