Flyin’ Solo

I went to Seattle for about six days for my grandma’s 90th birthday! We didn’t tell her I was coming because we didn’t know if I’d be able to make it. Chris wouldn’t come and I asked to see if any friend’s would want to come with but nothing panned out. So….I traveled alone for the first time during a recovery. I was so nervous! I called the airline and made sure I had wheelchair assistance for both the trip to Seattle and the trip from. I packed really light so everything could fit on my lap in the wheelchair and easily go in the overhead bins. I also was able to get an aisle seat on the right side of the plane so I could stretch my op side leg out into the aisle if needed. My surgeon ordered a blood thinner injection for me to administer to myself before each plane flight. I was able to give the subcutaneous injection to myself into my abdomen. It really wasn’t all that painful and I actually appreciate the fact that as a nurse, I have given myself an injection. I feel like it’s one thing I teach patients, that now I can say I’ve done to myself too. Both flights were seemingly easy. Alaska airlines staff and flight attendants were all so friendly and helpful and accommodating to me. Both flights, I had easy access to my crutches and was able to get up and walk during the flight a little. I also made sure to do ankle pumps and calf stretches while I was seated. I was conscious not to get a blood clot if I could help it. The passengers around me were all so kind and helpful too. Some people really went above and beyond in helping me travel with ease.

I got in Thursday evening and just went home and had a yummy home cooked dinner made by my mom. I got to rest and go to bed early that day. I was pretty sore from traveling and sitting for awhile on the flight. I was also still recovering from overdoing the one crutch. Friday, I had a longer day out and about in the city with my parents. I also went to a high school friend’s house for dinner. I used two crutches the whole time I was home and I even had to take the weight out of my op leg. I was planning to do some water therapy while I was home, but I just had too much pain and so decided it would be better for me to rest completely in hopes that when I was back in San Diego, I could try one crutch again. By Saturday night, I was in so much pain, I was moving at a snail’s pace. Once I could lie down and really rest, I felt a little better. I made it through dinner and then we went home and I went right to bed at like 8 or 9pm. I was exhausted, sore and in pain! The good news was that I woke up with so much relief! I was able to put weight in my leg again and even tolerate a few steps around the house with one crutch. I didn’t push it though; I used two crutches until I came back to San Diego.

Saturday was my grandma’s 90th birthday party! My parents did an awesome job throwing it and she was very surprised to see me there. I told her she was doing awesome and beating someone who was 1/3 her age. It’s pretty impressive that my grandma doesn’t use any assistive walking devices, she lives alone and pretty much just rocks at life. She told me she was on the 10 year plan! I laughed and said I was on the one week plan haha! You go grandma!

The rest of the trip was relaxing and I just spent it with my parents. We did a wheelchair stroll on Alki beach and looked at the city skyline and watched the ferries. We watched the Seahawks game at home with a fire in the fireplace! It was much needed rest time and family time. I won’t get to see my parents for the holidays this year because we are spending it at Chris’ family’s house. My parents were here helping me for so long with recovery and then with this trip to Seattle, it’s enough travel for now. Plus we got to do our typical Christmas traditions, like go see the gingerbread houses in Seattle and go to a nice dinner!

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