Physical Therapy

Today I had land PT and we advanced quite a bit with my exercises. He started with the typical soft tissue massage which hurts so bad. They basically massage my nerve and it just fires it up the whole time. I think he is trying to loosen my hip flexors, but my surgeon said that it is not my hip flexors. There’s a nerve that runs directly underneath my incision and on top of that part of the iliac bone. But nonetheless, the massage helps with scar tissue and some of the glute tightness. Then the PTA (physical therapy assistant) helped me go through my exercises. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been getting the same PTA. She’s new to the office and her name is Caitlin too! I just absolutely adore her and feel so lucky that she keeps getting assigned to me. She’s my favorite person in there and I can tell that she loves what she does. She really cares about her patients, she wants to learn and asks a lot of questions if she doesn’t know your injury or surgery and she is very hands on while I do my exercises. She also has great technique for soft tissue work and does good firm pressure when she foam rolls my thigh. I am doing squats against a ball against a wall, small wall sits, squats on the total gym and we added weight today. I also use the total gym to do calf raises, I balance on a balance board twice for two minutes each. Today I did monster walks across the room with no crutches! I did down and back three times. Then I staggered my feet and held on to the TRX band and squatted down, so they’re basically like one legged squats. I do side kicks and back kicks with a resistance band around my ankle and just with my left leg. Next week, we’ll add my right leg, which means that all my weight and support will be through my left op leg. I do mini bridges while lying on the table, clams with and without a resistance band and then I ended with a 17min bike ride at a level 5 resistance! The most I’ve done before today was about 10 minutes at a level 2. I left and felt pretty good, but my op leg was tired and sore. I ran a few errands before going home and quickly became too exhausted and started having pain instead of just soreness. I guess it is to be expected after such a hard pt session.

My bike stats from today! I was at a level 5 until my cool down at level 2.
Resting at home with the tree on and an eggnog latte.


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