Hospital Stay

I was so impressed with Sharp Memorial Hospital. I lived there for five days and everyone I encountered was great. The food for patients was impressive and surprisingly good too!

This is hospital food??? Sign me up!!!

My mom stayed the night with me my first and last nights there and Chris stayed the two nights in between. The first day he came, he brought the cutest care package. We were planning on watching lots of movies over the weekend, so he brought some of my favorite snacks and sweets to enjoy during movie time. There was also orange sparkling water, the cutest stuffed elephant (I later named him Kai), two pairs of the softest, fuzziest and most comfy socks that I still enjoy wearing and a book of crossword puzzles. I had several family members and friends visit during my stay which was so fun and special. I even had a little Super Bowl party in my hospital room. All thanks to my mom, Chris, and two friends! Chris brought our Seahawks shirts for my mom, him and I to wear too. Once a 12th man, always a 12th man.

I had my Foley catheter in for three days. After my neck surgery, it was only in until the day after surgery, so I wasn’t looking forward to having the catheter with me for so long. I quickly realized that catheter was my best friend because I didn’t have to get up to the bathroom a million times a day! I was drinking sooooo much water for days after surgery. I just couldn’t drink enough of it, which I guess was a good thing. Plus, the hospital had different herb and fruit infused water everyday!!! I think this was seriously one of my favorite parts of this whole experience lol. Once that catheter came out though, I did not feel like getting up a bunch (or ever let’s be honest) so I watched my fluid intake. Another blessing was being able to pee on my own once that catheter was removed! That is seriously a big deal.

My IV stopped working on day 2. The IV team came to restart it and failed….alot. As a nurse myself, I’m used to trying two maybe three times max and then you get someone else to try. I am a neonatal and pediatric nurse though, so maybe that’s the difference. It took her six attempts before she finally got one, so I was lucky enough to have black and blue arms for the next week and a half or so.

I had PT twice every day I was there. I worked from just getting to the side of the bed and standing up to use a walker for a few steps, to getting to the toilet and shower, to walking down the hall and learning to walk up stairs. I transitioned to mobileg crutches, I purchased on craigslist, two days after surgery from a walker. I did not like the walker! It wasn’t as comfortable for me as the crutches were. My whole body was really weak and my upper body especially from my neck surgery. I had to learn to use stairs because I had 15 stairs to get to my apartment at home. I practiced several times at the hospital before I was discharged.

My other favorite part about my hospital stay was the comfort cart. It’s a cart that came around on night shift and they gave you ear plugs, an eye mask, camomile tea and lavender oil. O.M.G. I slept so well the whole time I was admitted! I never thought I’d be able to say that!

The nurses were all amazing too. I had a different nurse every shift and I sure lucked out with great ones. They were so friendly, caring, knowledgable and helpful. The lack of continuity of care was my only complain during my entire stay. That being said, I still loved every nurse I had! They are the reason my pain was under control the entire time and that’s hard work. I know because after my neck surgery, it was not the same story!

My two surgeons took turns visiting each day. They were pleased with my progress each time. I got more information about my surgery. When my pelvis was first accessed for the arthroscopy, Dr. Muldoon told me my hip was quite twisted. He saw the impingement on one side and told me that my hip was falling in and out on the other side. Well that would explain a lot! He repaired and debrided my labrum and added two anchors. The PAO went really well. At my pre-op appointment, Dr. Santore told me he didn’t know how he was going to go about my hip because I was such a rare case, but once he got in there everything just kind of fell into place. He now calls my hip a “textbook hip.” Woohoo to that!  It was some extensive work and he used four iliac screws to keep most of my hip together. He said he had to put six cuts in my ischium along with some bone grafts. It was music to my ears that it all went well and that both surgeons were so pleased with the outcome at this point.

I was discharged today, Monday (surgery was on a Thursday), in the evening. I was pretty out of it today. I now think it was because they increased the dose of my medication I was receiving every three hours. Once the nurse came in to tell me I could go home, I was out of bed, showered and packed up in about an hour. When I was waiting for my mom to bring the car to the front of the hospital and for someone to wheel me downstairs, I started throwing up! I moved way to fast for my body to tolerate when it was so drugged. I think I should have stayed one more day in the hospital and that was the last sign of my body agreeing. However, I still went home and I don’t think I’ll be any worse for the wear.

Looking pretty drugged!

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