Coming home…

Coming home wasn’t so bad when it was filled with fresh flowers from friends and family, cards and packages coming in the mail and visitors dropping by to bring food and care packages or come for a visit. Not too shabby! Thank you to everyone who has called, texted or visited. It seriously means so much! It was also so amazing to see my fur baby, Lucy, again. She is, no joke, my emotional support animal. I missed her so much while in the hospital.

“Get Whale Soon”

In medical terms, I had a pretty hard time transitioning from the hospital to home. Mostly in part because of the bed. I really wish I had known to rent a hospital bed! It would have made all the difference. That and having a raised toilet seat with handles already at home. Although, my mom got right on that and we had a 3-in-1 commode on the 2nd day I was home! Thanks Mom! I think it took me a little less than a week to figure out how to position the 100 pillows so I was comfortable. I’m kidding only about six pillows. Yes 6!

Home is all dialed in and I’ve got my little helper by my side (Lucy)! I’m so lucky to be having breakfast brought to me in bed everyday. Glass half full!

Here are some fun photos of my shark fin and my new hardware (graphic warning, don’t say I didn’t try!):

Shark Fin! Photo taken on 2/4/17
Arthroscopy openings (2/4/17)
Check out those screws!

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