The Big Day! (part 2)

I woke up in the PACU and remember talking with my anesthesiologist and Dr. Santore briefly. I was in and out of sleep. I remember the nurses telling me that I had a “shark fin” now (that’s what my incision is known as) and three holes from the arthroscopy to go with it. I joked with them that the shark fin name fit perfectly because I call my car, sharkie, since it has this fin looking thing up top in the rear! They all laughed and thought that was funny. I also heard some of the nurses talking about the upcoming Super Bowl game and when my nurse came back to my bedside, I asked her who she was rooting for. She said the Patriots and I told her she was fired as my nurse. She was getting so much slack from the other nurses in the PACU, they loved it when I “fired” her (she knew it was all fun and games though). I’m not going to apologize for not being a Pats fan, I’m a Seahawks fan and this year I was going for the Falcons to win.

I got transferred to my room and my mom was already there moving our things in. I was more awake by then, but could tell I was still loopy. Within 45 minutes of being admitted to my room, a physical therapist came in and got me up into my chair. Ok! So we’re moving already I guess! I lasted about an hour or so and was back in bed, but I was pretty proud of that first post-surgery accomplishment.

I was told surgery went well. It lasted eight hours and I was now the proud owner of two anchors that helped hold together my repaired labrum and four nicely sized screws holding together my sawed pelvis. I can’t wait to watch this surgery someday! I just know it looks and sounds like a Home Depot in that OR.

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