Tea Party Thank You

There are some women in my life who really stepped up for me during my surgeries and recoveries. I mean really went above and beyond. My best friend came down after each hip to help care for me. She had her husband switch his work schedule so he had multiple days off in a row (he’s a flight nurse) and they’d drive down from Santa Barbara with their two kids, stay in a hotel and during the day she’d be with me and at night be with her family. I still get choked up thinking about all that she did so she could come love on me and take care of me. Another friend was in town from London, but staying in Orange County and drove to San Diego twice to come visit me after my first hip surgery. She moved back to SD before my second hip surgery and worked at the neighboring hospital from where my hospital stay was. After her 12+ hour shift, she’d come stay the night with me in the hospital and then go back to work the next day too. I mean, seriously above and beyond! Another friend who couldn’t visit easily, started a care calendar after my first hip surgery. She blasted it on social media and then people could sign up to deliver meals or to drive me to different appointments. It was incredibly helpful and thoughtful!

That was only three examples, but I had about 10 women really show up for me time and time again. I have thanked them a number of times and even written cards, but it just never feels like enough. I’ll never truly be able to repay that kind of love and support. However, I did want to spend some time celebrating all of them. They’re a big part of what kept me going and why I am where I am today. No one can walk these journeys alone and mine was made just a little easier, having girlfriends like these.

So in celebration, thanksgiving and love, I threw a tea party to honor each of them. I started planning it months ago when I was setting up my outdoor area. When my grandma passed, I was fortunate enough to get her beautiful tea cups and saucers and I even bought a tea pot when I was in Morocco. I planned out the menu weeks in advance and pictured what I wanted my table to be decorated with and how each place setting would look.


My best friend was in town for the big hip celebration dance party and so I knew I HAD to do this tea party while she was in town. She was one of the main people I wanted to celebrate and to thank. So on Sunday, I had the tea party! I made each person a gold bracelet with their initial on it and wrote them a card. I made a cake, set the table with pink roses, white hydrangeas and white pumpkins. We had traditional English breakfast tea, prosecco and water with lemon slices. The menu was as follows:

~strawberries with clotted cream
~veggie tray with homemade yogurt ranch dip and hummus
~cucumber sandwiches with butter, chives and micro greens on seed bread
~turkey, brie and green apple sandwiches with dijon mustard on seed bread
~smoked salmon sandwiches with cream cheese and capers on multigrain dark bread
~caprese sandwiches with pesto on puff pastry squares
~banana bread sandwiches filled with pumpkin cream cheese spread
~caramel apple cake with apple cider frosting

It was a lovely time and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. I think I need to start having tea parties more often! They’re really fun! Even Lucy got to enjoy it because Mikaela brought her a pupcake of her own.

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