Dance Party!

Coming full circle…

I truly love full circle moments. And last night was a big one for me. In February 2017, when I was bedridden after my neck and right hip surgery, I made two big goals for after recovery. As many of you know, goal #1 was a trip to Portugal and Morocco. I completed that this past June! Goal #2 was to have a big dance party. Last night was that celebration and the completion of that goal!

Dancing has always been a big part of who I am. I grew up competitively dancing for years. I’ve even taught some dance classes. I love to go out dancing. I’m usually dancing around my house or in my car or even down the grocery store aisles on occasion. I’ve been known to stop the car and get out to have spontaneous dance parties in parking lots! And I’ll never back down to dance offs when challenged. Dancing is just what I do. So when my body was incapacitated, all I could do was dream of dancing and moving my body again. And that’s how goal #2 was born!

I had a trial run out dancing in May. It didn’t go so well and I may have even gotten “stuck.” Ok, fine. I did get stuck. Basically in a low squat and I said “uh oh” out loud and my friend had to help me up. People around us totally busted me, but I stubbornly denied that I had, in fact, been stuck. So naturally I went to physical therapy and told my PT what had happened and requested to work on my “drop it like it’s hot muscles.” I needed to be ready for my dance party and to take these new hips for a spin on the dance floor! Summer (my PT) took it all quite serious and changed my whole course of PT. She’s upped the exercises and it’s basically a full on workout each week, progressing in intensity. We have been working for FOUR months now; all to have it come full circle last night. (I wrote a blog post with the video of telling Summer that I’d gotten stuck. It’s titled: gaining strength with PT.)

I had quite a few friends, who live in other cities and states, text me throughout the day to say, “happy dance party day!” It meant so much, but also shows how important this day was. I so appreciated the support and love flowing in, but I also got a little nervous that I’d over hyped the whole thing. Guess what?! I most definitely did not. Everyone’s energy was impressively high and they were all so stoked to be out dancing and celebrating hips and health! And I was over joyed to have the day finally arrive and to feel as fantastic as I did.

1/2 of the crew at dinner before the dance party

The night was seriously exactly what I’d wanted. The music was spot on and that’s one of the only things I really cared about. I didn’t want a club setting. I didn’t care about the ambience. I knew we’d have a great crew. I just wanted old school hip hop. And this place delivered! I danced my face off all night. I was a complete sweaty mess and it was so worth it. There was about 20 people who came out and everyone had a blast. I never left the dance floor; not even to get a drink. I kept those hands free to bust some moves! Someone asked me if it was my birthday because people kept coming up to me and just dropping it. Then one of my friends explained that we were celebrating my hips. It was awesome!

I’m so proud of my body. It moved so freely and I could just keep dropping down whenever I needed to, which let’s be honest, was A LOT! My whole lower body and abs, especially lower abs are so sore and it feels amazing. I guess that’s what happens when you dance for five hours straight!

It was one of the top nights out ever. And that’s really saying something, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I keep reliving it through pictures, videos and stories. I was beaming all night long and just living my best life. I’m still permagrinning from it!

I didn’t have my phone on me all night, but everyone else documented the crap out of the night. So many amazing photos and even videos. I’ve looked at them all like a thousand times already. My best friend came in town from Santa Barbara for the celebration and she said I looked so happy dancing. I never stopped moving or smiling. She told me that so many people were coming up to her to tell her that I was so full of joy and just happy. I loved that she shared that with me. Means so much that other people can see how happy I feel and that they cared enough to share it with each other.

Jeff, Kai, Me and Summer

One of my favorite parts of the night was all three of my amazing physical therapists came out to dance. Kai and Summer were my water therapists and now Summer is my main therapist. Jeff was my PT for all of them: neck and both hips. These people are the only reason I am where I am today. Their knowledge, expertise, dedication, support and cheerleading have been essential to my recovery. They have physically brought me back to life as well as supported me on the mentally and emotionally challenging days. To have all three of them out on the dance floor celebrating with me last night, truly means the world. And to everyone else who came out last night, thank you! I love you all! Epic night!

This is my new life without hip dysplasia and I’m loving it! Enjoy the pics!

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