A Gung-ho Summer

Ever since getting back from my road trip, I have been so exhausted. My body did better than expected for sleeping on an air mattress for a week and with the long drives, but man, it all wiped me out. I was talking about this with my physical therapist. I’m kind of surprised that the road trip is the thing that pushed me over the edge. Out of all the trips, it was the least active, most chill and closest to every day life. She thinks that everything has started adding up and my body has just had enough. It can’t hang anymore. I actually agree. When I got the go ahead from all three surgeons to “live my life and let pain be my gauge,” I went gung-ho! I’ve basically been non stop all summer long and while it’s been AMAZING and it’s filled my mental and emotional tanks, I think I have reached my limit physically. I don’t have any more trips planned and I’m actually looking forward to being home for an extended period of time now. I want to get into more of a normal routine and to start adding in different workouts and to allow rest days when I need them. If I keep to a bit of a scheduled routine, then I’ll know what activity I can’t physically tolerate if I start experiencing more pain. I have been feeling like my neck is ready to “go out” at any point. I’m trying to continue to strengthen the supporting muscles, go to PT for soft tissue work and take my headache medicine when I feel the symptoms worsening. I’m kind of getting to a point mentally, where I just want it to go out so that I’ll have the acute few days of being out of commission, but then I can just get on with my life. I feel like I’m tippy toeing around this neck and I hate when I am being dictated by one part of my body this late into recovery.


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