Road Trip

This was my final trip of this summer season. Lucy and I road tripped up to San Francisco for five days to visit my friends I was in Morocco with and then down to Santa Barbara for 2-3 days to see one of my best friends. I had never driven that far in the car by myself, but music, podcasts and Lucy got me through! I received some tips from my physical therapist on ways to save my body for that long of a trip. I’ve been having issues with my neck and numbness in my right arm, so she suggested to drive with my hands lower on the steering wheel and gave me suggestions for how to position the seat. I actually did great and we only stopped twice. My hips weren’t stiff or sore and my low back didn’t have any pain and my neck/arm was no worse than when I started the trip.

We’re off!

Within 30 minutes of getting to my friends’ house, we were all in wigs and costumes and singing and dancing around their house. It was exactly what my heart and soul needed! I was craving to be around people who just get me and we can go deep in conversations and we can hold space for each other and open up. We talked and talked and talked some more and of coursed laughed until our bellies and cheeks hurt. These are my people! Find yourself friends who will support you know matter what and that you feel comfortable being you in front of. It was a fantastic several days of exploring the city, karaoking until we all lost our voices, sleepovers in the living room with movie marathons, eating delicious food and just so. much. laughter.

Next stop was Santa Barbara! Heather and I went to college together and have been close since the day we met. She has come down to care for me after each hip surgery, so it was nice being able to hang with her and her family in their neck of the woods. We got lots of unexpected girl time because her husband ended up not having to work when I was there, so he watched the kids for us. The best news is that they’re all coming to San Diego in a few weeks for my dance party and the tea party I’m throwing (more on that later). I so wish we all lived closer. I hate being so far away from my best friend and her family. They’re actually looking at potentially moving and San Diego is one of the cities on their list. Fingers crossed!

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