Cottage Reveal and Medication Disposal

I have finally gotten my cottage all dialed in and decorated. I am absolutely loving it! I call it my little sanctuary or my beachy oasis. I am protective over this space and want to keep it as my safe haven. I have cleaned it all well and then walked around while burning sage and repeating an affirmation. I wanted to clear out the energy of the place and myself. It’s my fresh start. I am feeling so great mentally, spiritually and physically and I want my home to feel calm and peaceful and happy. This was my affirmation:


Here’s my cottage reveal!


The last piece of recovery that could be found in here is in the medicine cabinet. There’s tons of drugs in there that I don’t use anymore. I researched where to dispose of unused medication and this is the site I found. Please don’t flush them down the toilet and eventually into our oceans! Dispose of them properly at a location that is suggested from this website. I will keep a few meds on hand as a “just in case” scenario, but other then that all I need in there are my vitamins and supplements. Here’s the website for controlled substance public disposal locations:

IMG_5338 (1)

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