Fun Filled Friends Weekend

This weekend I celebrated a friend’s birthday. I wore heels for the first time since the screw removal and, other then some minor soreness the following day, my hips did great.

I also visited a friend while she was house and dog sitting. We went for a walk in La Jolla with the pups, but then got locked out of the house. Check out the video of me mimicking the dogs walk hahaha and the picture of me sitting on a ledge! I had to climb up and on top of a fence/gate and then scoot myself down the super high wall to a point I could kind of “jump” off and open the only door of the house that was unlocked. It was comical! I was pretty excited to be doing something so random and adventurous with my body. The next day, Katie and I went to Padres game too. I walked all around and sat fairly comfortably in the stadium seats. Progress!

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