Officially Cleared!!!

I saw Dr. Santore, my hip surgeon, today and he literally said “you can now forget about your hips!” WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Um, sir, you’ll have to repeat that please! I almost started crying. I couldn’t believe that the end had basically come on this hip journey of mine. Obviously, I won’t be able to completely forget about them yet due to incisional pain still and needing some range of motion and strength training still. But I am stoked to be cleared for all activities! He said that I really shouldn’t run. Actually his quote was, “if you want to run around the bases and play softball, then ok, but you shouldn’t run 3 miles 3 times a week.” Well I’m glad he clarified that, because I wouldn’t have thought 3 miles a few times a week would be a lot. I guess I’ll stick to running only when necessary and find another source of cardio for myself. There are plenty of activities to do and I never did like running anyway.

Full pelvic view without any screws
That’s one beautiful hip socket and joint!

Let me just say it again, MY HIPS ARE CLEARED. Watch out life, here comes Caitlin living it up again! YES! I am going to make this summer the best one I’ve had in years!

I’ve attached a letter that I received my surgeon that is very meaningful.


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