Joshua Tree Getaway

This weekend we went to J Tree for some friends’ birthday celebrations. I have never been and was stoked to hear they got an air bnb and invited us out there. If we were camping, I wouldn’t be able to go, so this was perfect!

It was a good and chill weekend. The rental was amazing and really pretty and we could have Lucy with us, which is always a bonus. The group went for a short hike on Saturday and that was the only activity I had to bow out of. That being said, I was a bit shocked on how much cabin fever I felt by Sunday. I didn’t expect to feel this way, so I think that’s what was so surprising about it. Because of that, we stopped at San Jacinto State Park to take the Aerial Tram up the mountain. That bit of adventure made me feel a lot better and I got to see our surrounding views which were beautiful!

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