A Hippie Meet Up

I met a fellow San Diego “hippie” through my PAO group on Facebook. We started texting each other and offering each other support during our recoveries. We are exactly one week different in post-op timing and she was in the exact same hospital room as I was! We wanted to meet each other in person especially since we felt like we already knew each other from all our corresponding. We joked like we were kids in middle school again and we were trying to have a playdate. We needed someone to dress up, drive us and I had to ask my mom for help with meeting up haha! We got a kick out of that feeling.

In true online dating fashion, we met in a public place at a restaurant…haha I’m kidding. We did meet at a restaurant and it was so comical to have both of us with the same surgery, same post-op leg and both on the same type of crutches. I brought a pillow for the car ride and she brought a pillow to the restaurant! Twinsies! The waitress was so sweet and sympathetic to us that she bought our drinks!

We chatted for over an hour and compared stories. I think we could have been there for five hours if our bodies tolerated sitting that long!

Mikaela and I rocking our mobileg crutches!

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