Post Op Weeks 3 and 4

My mom overlapped with my dad, so when we got back from our weekend in LA she was at our house. She’s staying till the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and I’m so happy to have her here for so long. She’s so helpful with my recovery, care-taking of Chris, Lucy and me and she does a great job with cooking and general upkeep of the house.

At one month post-op, my game ready ice machine was picked up. It was a sad day because I absolutely loved that machine. I highly recommend using it. It’s an ice and compression machine and I honestly think the compression part was what was most helpful. I really wish I would have had it for my last hip surgery. I rented it for about four weeks and the rep was so helpful and friendly. He came to the house a couple times to check on the machine and on me and make sure everything was going well. Now that’s what I call some excellent customer service! (I don’t think I ever took a picture of the unit. Sorry!)

game ready
I found a photo online of the unit I had, but my wrap was for the hip and leg. I think the one shown here is for an arm.

I rested a lot while my mom was here. I started binge watching Scandal and continued to play Nintendo! We would try to do one activity a day if I was up for it. PT or water therapy was my activity on the days I had those. The other days, we would run an errand or two, once we went to Nordstrom, we’d go to the beach so her and Lucy could have a walk and I would sit and get some fresh air and sunshine.

We also did a Costco trip one day, which with an electric cart was actually kinda fun! We went to lunch with Lucy at a yummy seafood place and enjoyed coffee at a local coffee shop.


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