Two Weeks Post Op: Post Op Series Post 3

My dad came on October 25th and overlapped with Heather. I also had my first PT session that day. My surgeon has started having his patients start PT earlier, around 7-10 days post-op. So within my first two weeks post-op, I had two PT sessions. They mostly consisted of passive range of motion by my PT and some massage and soft tissue work. The exercises I had at first were to write the ABC’s with my ankle/foot, isolated muscle squeezes of the quads, glutes and abs and also to have someone hold a resistive band and for me to flex, extend and stretch my ankle/calf/foot.

My dad was here until November 4th and he overlapped with my mom. For the week and a half that he was here, we would go to my PT sessions, massage therapy appointments for my neck, rest at home watching tv shows and playing the new Mario Odyssey game on my nintendo switch (I highly recommend the nintendo, it’s perfect during recovery!) and would do little outings as I would tolerate. We went to a coffee shop for some fresh air and coffee, went to a cineopolis theatre to see the IT movie before Halloween, carved pumpkins and took a trip to the zoo. Let me tell you that having two MEN caregivers was comical, but we all survived and my dad did a wonderful job!

My two week post-op appointment with my surgeon went well. The x-rays looked good and showed some healing already. He was impressed that I was almost completely off the narcotics. I showed him the same area that had been bothering me since the hospital and he decided to drain the fluid off. He got 30mL of fluid off and I think if he wouldn’t stuck the needle in another area, he could have gotten a bit more. I felt almost immediate relief of that area though. Finally I was heard! That area hurt for two weeks straight and I was happy that there was a solution. My appointment was on halloween, so my dad and I dressed up like PB&J for the office visit!

That night for Halloween, we stayed at home and dressed up for the trick or treaters. We had a German dinner to go with our German costumes!

These two weeks were so rough, but being officially on the other side of two PAOs is a really good feeling. My six incisions look good and I got to keep the four screws that came out. I’m so happy I only have two hips so I can be done! Someone in my facebook PAO group made a “You can break my bones, but not my spirit” banner and started sending it around to people having PAOs. The point is to have it hanging in your room for your hospitalization, then you sign it how you want and send it to the next person. Mine arrived late, so I put it in my bedroom briefly and then shipped it off. I love the idea though and was happy to have received it at all!

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