POR Race Weekend

Chris helps run a charity for people affected by pancreatic cancer. The main event every year is a big race in LA. I really wanted to be able to make it for this weekend to show my support and I was pleasantly surprised that I felt ok enough to go. I had a couple friends up there that agreed to help me out as much as they could because I knew Chris was going to be too busy running the race to be able to take care of me. I survived the weekend and was in a little more pain then I’d been in, but to me it was worth it to be able to be there in person. I did have to up my pain meds for the weekend, but the following week was able to wean back down. The race went off without a hitch and I even had a friend who pushed my wheelchair for the 1 mile race! Check out pantsoffracing.com for more information about this wonderful charity that is so near and dear to our hearts.

Tips for traveling during recovery:

  • Pack pillows for the car ride and for the hotel room stay
  • I packed my game ready ice machine so I could still ice as much as possible
  • Measure out all meds and put in a pillbox for each day
  • I even packed my grip ‘n grab and my long handled shoe horn, just in case I didn’t have someone around me to help. I used both multiple times and am so happy I had them with me! I just wish I could’ve easily traveled with my raised toilet seat too haha.
  • Rest as much as possible. It’s like a game trying to figure out the balance of participating, having fun, but not over doing it.
  • Bring a blanket and warm clothes. I don’t generate much of my own body heat because I’m barely moving and this fresh post-op, I still don’t regulate my body temperature well. I go from extreme sweating to shaking cold, so layers are my friend!
  • If possible, have someone with you as much as possible as a “babysitter” or caregiver. I asked a couple of friends and phrased it to them that I am basically like a child. I crutch/walk slowly, I can’t dress myself, etc!

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