My First Workout!

So nervous waiting for class to start!

7.7.17 OMG OMG OMG! I took my first workout class in over a year! I went to a barre class. This is such a huge milestone for me. I survived and am no worse for the wear with my hip or neck. I was so nervous before class that I had a stomach ache. I also cried my way through the abs section because I was so overwhelmed with joy, relief and pride. I made it through the entire class and mentally it felt really incredible to be in a class setting and doing an actual workout again. The best part was I had the best supporters with me. Thank you to Marlise and Kerry for being there and cheering me on the whole time! The encouragement meant the world to me and I loved sharing this milestone with you both. How special!!!!

I iced last night and woke up with no pain. I’m just very very sore! And I absolutely love the feeling of tired muscles. It’s been way too long since I’ve had sore muscles. My calves and butt are the most sore and then my triceps and a little in my abs. I have a free week at Studio Barre, so I am going to try to go a couple more times this coming week. We’ll see how many my body can handle. I’d like 3-5, but that might be a little over zealous.

I can’t stop smiling and thinking that I just had a legit workout yesterday! It makes me feel somewhat normal again and I’m so so proud of myself.

Love you girls!

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