Chillin’ Like A Villian!

PT has been getting more intense, which is great, but also exhausting. I have been waking up and making a coffee from my new coffee bar that I put together and then going back to bed and reading. I can finally read comfortably with my neck, which is a great new milestone and accomplishment! Reading in bed, looking out on the park and ocean and sipping a cappuccino has been very relaxing and a nice way to start my days.

Live Well!
Coffee Bar
Reading in bed with a coffee

I had a good PT appointment and was exhausted after so I went to the beach to take a nap and listen to the waves. Lucy got to go with me too and it was such a beautiful day. I love scooping the sand to make a pillow like lump for under my stomach so my back is supported and I can lie on my stomach comfortably. Then I scoop a hole for my face so I can basically face plant and still breathe! It’s the best nap ever!


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