4 Months Post Op

julia and i
Fellow PAO Warriors meeting for a very happy hour! Lots to cheers about and lots to be thankful for even during this difficult season in our lives.

Today marks 4 months post op for my hip and the 200th day of using my bone growth stimulator! It was a big week for me physically and I feel like I may have turned a corner this week.

I met this lovely lady and fellow PAO Warrior at a San Diego “hippie” meet up when I was just a couple of weeks post op. She is one month behind me in recovery of her second PAO and has quite a story of her own. We have been able to talk and meet up a couple of times and it is such a breath of fresh air to hang out with someone who understands this surgery and recovery both physically and mentally. She’s been hospitalized a couple times since for unrelated (yet poor timing) lung surgeries. I think it has brought us even closer because we are both dealing with more than the PAO at the same time and both with our upper bodies. I tell you what! I’ve decided, when it’s not my hip, it’s my neck and vice versa and I know this girl understands this first hand.

Cheers to us both, Julia! You’re doing amazing and I thank you for our growing friendship and the bond we’ve already made.

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