Happy June!

This week has been amazing in recovery terms. I did my first beach cruiser ride on Monday, Tuesday I had the hardest land therapy session yet, Wednesday was my last water therapy and today I had another hard land PT session. It was the first time I’ve been able to tolerate this much land activity and the first time I’ve done actual “work out” type exercises in therapy. I’m even using machines for some exercises. It’s almost time to reactivate that gym membership! I was sweating and out of breath both sessions this week! My legs were jello walking up the stairs to my house after water therapy too. I’ve also felt a bit sore, which feels so good because I like being sore!  My hip joint hurt Tuesday night and I’ve taken two days of muscle relaxers this week, but every morning I wake up feeling great and able to do more activities. My therapist told me to have a rest day tomorrow just so I don’t push it too much. Fine with me! I’ll do my home exercises and call it a day. I haven’t used the cane or the crutches at all this week either. THAT IS HUGE! All my therapists were really happy with the progress and I even got a round of applause from multiple people in my PT office after doing one particular balance exercise. It feels so good to be supported and by people I don’t even know that well. It’s a nice reminder on how someone can do something so little and it can make your whole day. I’ll be paying that gesture forward this week.

Other random fun news, is I got a Nintendo Switch yesterday. I called a Best Buy and they happen to only have five left. Apparently they’re really hard to find/get, so I got really lucky! I’m so tired of the TV and my necks been hurting especially when looking down, so reading is out of the question at least this week. Plus I’m still waiting to receive a book from the library that I requested several weeks ago. So now some good ol’ Mario Cart is going to help me pass the time! It’ll be awesome to have whenever I decide to get my left hip done too. Being bedridden won’t be so boring next time!

Happy June everyone! xo

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