Happy March!

Happy 1st day of March! A new month means I’m one more month closer to recovery.

What a fun day! It’s my second day in a row feeling good and thank goodness because I have a couple amazing visitors today. One of my most favorite high school buddies is in town and brought me an acai bowl and a latte for breakfast. It was so fun catching up and basically hanging out in bed like we would in the good ole days! Nothing is as comfortable as having your good bud visit who also happens to be a nurse.

Natalie and I

Then I got an afternoon visit from my good friend Lisa and her daughter Layla. They were sweet enough to take me to CVS to refill some of my medications and then to have a lunch date after! I haven’t been able to lift this sweet girl to play for at least six months. She is rapidly growing and I sure love watching it happen. I can’t wait to swing you around and hear your giggles sweet girl!

Loving that ponytail!
On the move…
That teddy bear is almost as big as her
Auntie loves you Layla Mae!

This picture means even more than it looks like. I haven’t been able to hold her in four months. Lisa put her in my lap and on my left leg. Much to both of our surprises, Layla sat still and at a few bites of lunch. It was so nice to hold her and get a couple kisses in before she wanted to go run around again.

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