Bags for days

It’s a new week and I’m finally feeling better physically and less low mentally. Other than my awesome visitors, I had a rough weekend of three total falls, steri strip incident (as you know) and then a couple of high pain days to follow.

Yesterday was a rainy rainy day in San Diego. Being from Seattle, I actually loved it! Plus I am laying around anyway so it makes it nice to listen to and watch. Chris did some work from home and Lucy was right by his side the whole time. She is a true Cali girl and hates the rain.

Snuggled under the blanket!


I ventured out once in the rain. I had PT and also needed to get follow up x-rays taken to make sure everything still looks good. All is well and my screws are still in place!

hip xray 2:27hip xray 2 2:27


I slept really well yesterday and have been able to wean my pain meds from every 6 hours to mostly every 8 hours. It’s taken over a week to try and do that, so I am really excited and proud of myself. Finally, because I was starting to be pretty hard on myself. This is the longest I’ve ever been on pain meds and that’s including after tonsil and sinus surgery and neck surgery!!! My family has been getting on me for this, but I am learning no one truly knows what this surgery is all about except the people who have experienced PAOs. And even then we’re all our own people, so we all recover in different ways and at different times.

I had a couple of fun friends visit today. I got to laugh and catch up and feel almost like a normal person, even though the visits are happening in my bedroom! I also learned a new skill today and thought maybe I should share. I have been really cold. This has been happening randomly during my recovery and I’m not really sure why. I’m in multiple layers, under a down comforter, heat is on and then I figured I should drink some hot tea. No one is home, so I wouldn’t be able to actually carry a mug, while on crutches, from the kitchen to my room. So I put the tea in a vacuum insulated mug with a lid, secured it in my sports bra and cleavage and successfully crutched back to bed with no spills! Cheers to sports bras and boobs! They are coming in handy in this recovery. (Remember, I’m also recovering from neck surgery, so I’m not carrying a purse or back pack. But who needs one of those when you’ve got attached bags to carry things with. Pun intended!!!!)

I also woke up to a sweet package from a good friend. It was a sweet stone necklace with a wonderful meaning and a lovely note to go with it. I’m also still enjoying my red roses and that awesome “Get Whale Soon” balloon.

Thank you Jenny!


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