Weekend Vibes

This weekend came and went just like any other day does. Although, it did bring some more family and friends and lots of time to write these posts!!

Saturday was a rough day for me after my falls. So I rested and iced and played with Lucy. Who wore it better?!?!


My room has become the new hang out spot. Thankfully, no one minds. So I get to enjoy a visit while also being comfortable! My uncle came to stay the night on Saturday. He’s been visiting regularly and it’s so nice getting to spend time with him. My friend, Ryan, came to hang out on Sunday evening for dinner and some good chats. We ended up watching the last hour or so of the Oscars too. So glad we did because what the heck was that?! Congrats to Moonlight!

My uncle, Tank and Lucy Lu
Ryan hanging in the new hang out spot

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